Top 5 Benefits Of a Massage Gun

Top Benefits Of a Gun Massager

If you’ve ever used a massage gun, you would know how wonderful they are. But if you’ve never tried it, and need some convincing, you’re in the right place. A deep-tissue massage gun emulates massages from the best physical therapists out there. Not only does it give you instant relief from pain and soreness, but it has plenty of other long-term benefits as well.

Let’s check out the top 5 of these benefits and how to use your massage gun to reap the most from it. Even if you already own a massage gun, knowing how to use it properly can make your experience significantly better. So let’s begin!

Top 5 Benefits of a Massage Gun

Massages and massage guns have a tonne of benefits. Below we have highlighted the best ones, so you know what you’re missing out on.

1. Improved Circulation

With a fascia massage gun, you get vibrations deep within your tissues. This greatly improves blood circulation. Not only can this help with circulation over a specific area, but if you use the gun all over your body, it can lead to overall improved blood and lymphatic circulation.

Blood circulation is one of the foundations of our well-being. Improved circulation can affect everything from your immunity to better gut health and even muscle repair. Good blood circulation over time can also help prevent more serious diseases.

2. Recovery

With more and more people diving head-first into the world of fitness, there are a lot more people concerned with the muscle soreness that comes after an intense session at the gym. Especially if you are strength-training, muscle soreness can often be inevitable as you lift heavier weights.

This is where massage guns can help a lot. As they are great for targeted actions, you can focus your gun on the muscle you worked out that day. It has the potential to provide more focused, specific results. It will help relieve your soreness and fasten your recovery. It can also help with certain kinds of muscle injuries.

3. Pain-Relief

Similar to post-workout recovery, massage guns are also a godsend for those who don’t work out. As you age and get older, it’s not uncommon to feel random pains in different parts of your body. A massage gun can greatly help to relieve the pain and even prevent it with regular use.

If you get a sore neck after sleeping weirdly or working all day, or maybe your calves hurt after a hectic schedule, you can use the massage gun to give you some instant relief. It saves you the trouble of having to take painkillers and is a much better alternative.

4. Improved Flexibility

If you regularly use your massage gun for about just 10 minutes every day, you will notice that it has improved your overall flexibility and mobility. For those of you who think massage guns are only for your muscles, here’s the news: it’s also great for your joints as well.

Your muscles and tissues are connected to your bones and any massage on your muscles,

ripples over to your joints and can help improve joint mobility and flexibility. Not only that,

Massage guns can help you get a deeper stretch which also aids in improving flexibility.

5. Convenience

The top benefit of a massage gun is truly its convenience. It’s small and portable and you can pretty much use it anywhere without any hassle. There’s no need to book an appointment with your physical therapist or masseuse. No need to commute to a different place to get a professional massage and no need to spend a lot of money on each session.

It’s a one-time cost and the investment will pay off for years to come. You can use it, your family can use it and you can even use it as a gift for your loved ones. Take it with you in your gym bag for a post-workout recovery massage or even with you in the office for those sore necks you get while working.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Massage Gun?

When using a massage gun, you can use a few tricks to make it work the best for you. Here are some of them. 

Follow Your Feelings:

The most important tip is to listen to your body. Your body will instantly give you feedback on whether you are going too strong or too light. Change the pressure, and the movements according to what feels comfortable to you.

A quick way to test this is if you can breathe comfortably while you are targeting a sore area. If you find that you are holding your breath, it’s a sign that you are going too deep. You can also try contracting your muscles while you’re massaging to see if it feels good.

Massage All-Around:

Don’t keep the massage gun steady in one place. Instead, try moving it around slowly in circular motions to get the best effects. You can also try using it all over your body and not just for your problem areas.

Not only is this great for the body, but it can also help you discover areas that you didn’t know were in pain. Old injuries or sore muscles can quickly come to focus if you use them in places you don’t usually touch. And an all-over massage can help improve circulation. But don’t feel like you have to do this all the time, because it can be time-consuming.

A Few Minutes Is Enough:

You don’t always have to spend 30 minutes or more to cover the whole body. Just a few minutes is enough. Again, it’s just important to listen to your body and do whatever you feel like.


Having a deep-tissue massage gun is a great investment. It’s a one-time cost that will pay off for years. Once you start using it, you will never go back to a masseuse. Over time, you will see the benefits yourself. Your body will let you know.

We hope we helped you get a better understanding of the benefits of a massage gun. Try it out yourself!

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